Solo Projects

Handmade, Vol. 1   (2015)

Handmade is a collection of solo piano compositions written between 1982 and 2013.  There is a CD and a 156-page book of sheet music.

Both the CD and the book feature lots of photos and background information.


The cover art and all of the titles are were handmade by Noca Ramos, a Portuguese artist I met while performing in Portugal in April 2010 at the Gouveia ArtRock Festival.

As I was playing, he sketched the front cover drawing and presented it to me afterward. I then asked if he would do the rest of the book.


Some of the pieces appear on other projects listed on this page, and there is one Genesis arrangement, Follow You Follow Me, that appears nowhere else.

Handmade contains 19 tracks. One of them is 'Meditation', a piece I dedicated to my friend Martin Levac when I was Best Man at his wedding. I performed the piece at the reception.

The Imperial Hotel  (2014)

In late 2014, The Samurai Of Prog, the same musicians behind the Colossus Projects, released a brilliant new album of  all-original progressive rock.


I was lucky enough to be asked to participate, and contributed a short piano piece entitled Victoria's Summer Home. The CD is available HERE.

Secrets Of Disguise  (2013)

For this Samurai Of Prog CD, I composed a piece entitled Before The Dance, which also appears on my Handmade album.


The piece was meant to function as a mood-setter or  prelude to a cover version of  Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, on which I played  the keyboard parts.


Part of the beauty of these Colossus/Samurai projects, is that the musicians on a given track might all be in different countries and never meet each other. It is a chance to collaborate with people you would never otherwise get to work with.

Undercover  (2011)

For the album Undercover, I contributed a piece called Before The Lamia, which was an imaginary intro to Genesis' The Lamia, which we also did a cover version of.


On The Lamia, I played the acoustic piano track. I've always thought that The Lamia is one of Genesis' most magical moods.

I tried to capture that mood in my piece as well.


This piece also appears in my Handmade sheet music and CD.

Iliad: Grand Piano Extravaganza  (2010)

Writing the Overture to the Iliad album was my first connection with Colossus Projects. It was so exciting!


I wrote and recorded Iliade: Overture, which clocked in at about 6 minutes and opened Disc 1.


In 2014, I re-recorded the piece for my Handmade project, and included all the parts I had deleted in order to shorten the piece for the Iliad album.


With all the various themes now included, it is almost 10 minutes long and is one of the better pieces I've written.

Fantasies And Delusions  (2009)

In 2008, XXI Productions, for whom I'd recorded Plays More Genesis, suggested that we record a version of Billy Joel's Fantasies And Delusions, a suite of classical pieces for solo piano that had previously been recorded by Richard Joo and done well in the classical charts.


We again recorded on the Fazioli piano in the Chapelle du Bon Pasteur in downtown Montreal, and released the album on September 6, 2009