Genesis On Piano - My Solo Piano Arrangments of Classic Genesis Tracks.

David Myers Plays Genesis (2005)

While on vacation In the summer of 2000, I visited a Musical Box colleague in England.

As he was making us dinner, I noodled around on the grand piano in his living room, improvising on Genesis themes.

He set up a MiniDisc recorder, and the resultant recording circulated in various Genesis newsgroups on the net.


I wasn't convinced that anyone would care about my musings. It took persistent suggestions from Genesis fans Alain Granger, André Bazinet and Brigitte Boulais, for me to agree to formalize my improvisations into actual arrangments and get them recorded.


Michel Laverdière of XXI Productions also took an interest, and upon signing

a contract we set about making a CD at La Chapelle du Bon Pasteur

in Montreal.


Producer: Michel Laverdière for XXI Productions.

Engineer: Robert Lafond

Artwork: Michel Laverdière

Photography: André Bazinet


(This album is available only in mp3 format in the Store, however the

CD booklet and liner notes are in the Genesis On Piano photo gallery.)

David Myers Plays More Genesis (2007)

Encouraged by the interest shown in the first CD, I set about writing more arrangements and was ready to record a follow-up album, Plays More Genesis, in 2007.


I'd  learned a lot from doing the first CD, and the arrangements became more adventurous and in-depth on this record. It was first recorded at Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Catharines, Ontario, and then partly at

La Chapelle du Bon Pasteur again, as well as at Imagine Sound in Toronto.


Producer: Michel Laverdière for Octave Productions.

Engineers: Robert Lafond, Mark Camilleri.

Artwork: Michel Laverdière

Photography: David Myers, Roberta Gal.


(This album is available only in mp3 format in the Store, however the CDl booklet and liner notes can be found

in the Genesis On Piano photo gallery.)


Genesis On Piano (2010)

By 2010,  I had refined a number of the arrangements from the first two albums, and had written some new ones.


I decided to make a double-CD, Genesis On Piano, with Disc 1 being remakes, and Disc 2  all new pieces.


I first recorded the album while performing in the Gouveia ArtRock Festival in Gouveia, Portugal in April , 2010. However, I settled on the version recorded at Number 9 Studios in Toronto.


Producer: David Myers for Consequent Music

Engineer: Jason Steidman

Remastered November 2014

Artwork: Michel Laverdière

Photography: David Myers


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Recorded at Number 9 Studios, Toronto, Ontario.

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