(L to R) Cathy Anderson, cello; Sara Traficante, flute; Marcus Scholtes, violin, David Myers, piano

Ars Ephemera Quartet

The original idea behind the AEQ was to arrange existing and future Ars Ephemera progressive rock compositions for an acoustic group to play live.


But then in the fall of 2014, I approached CAMMAC, the music camp I had attended as a youngster, with the idea of me composing a tribute to the music centre and performing it there the following Thanksgiving.


They were very receptive to the idea, and I set about composing The Cammac Suite in the summer of 2015. It was implicit to me that I would compose this music for an ensemble --- solo piano was just not enough.


And so the Ars Ephemera Quartet became an ensemble in order to perform The Cammac Suite, which is basically classical Impressionist music, with little or no progressive rock element.


Following the concert, I wrote a further set of pieces, which we performed in Kitchener, Ontario, last February 21st.


We return to CAMMAC to close out their concert season on August 15, 2016,  performing The Cammac Suite in addition to the new set of pieces, as well as  a few duets which I am in the midst of composing.